Friday, June 11, 2010

for stationary lovers

I am obsessed with stationary. I love paper. I love pens. Staples is in my top 10 favorite stores. I like the way paper smells and the way a good pen scratches against the grain, leaving the perfect amount of smudge-free ink. It's an illness and I never want to be cured.

So you can imagine my delight at meeting Muji. Muji is an exquisite design site, with the most amazing pens on earth. They have much, much more as you will see - handkerchiefs of city maps, perfect little speakers made of cardboard, everything a crazy design freak with an office supply fetish could dream of.

But the pens. Oh the pens. My favorites are the 0.38 - i picked them up in green, orange, magenta, light blue and dark blue. I also got two clicky pens in .5 and 0.38 in black. Just for when I'm feeling official.

Lately I haven't felt so official. I've been feeling more lime green.

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