Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Missing Barefoot and Coq Au Vin

So I am the worst Barefoot Blogger. I got the boot! I got so distracted with the house this summer, I just totally dropped the ball. I am petitioning for reinstatement, but I don't blame them if they want nothing to do with this slacker :)

Anyway, since I've been missing Ina, I thought I'd make her Coq Au Vin recipe from the Barefoot Contessa "Back to Basics" cookbook. If you don't have this book, run to the store. It's so great - and it really does teach you to make very delicious, sophisticated meals with just a few thoughtful and fresh flavors.

I love Coq Au Vin. It was one of my grandfather's favorite dishes, and I remember him storming around the kitchen, dirtying a hundred spoons, bowls and pots trying to get this thing to come together. It was arduous. And the result was delicious. So how did mine turn out?

This picture really doesn't do it justice. It was fabulous. And yes, it's quicker than the original, but it's still a bit of an undertaking. There's browning, sauteeing, oven-braise time, and then you take it off the heat and stir in some flour/butter mash to thicken the sauce. Then you simmer it for 10 minutes, while making mushrooms sauteed in butter. Then you combine it all and devour it. And oh my is it ever worth the effort! Particularly, because Julia Child's recipe would require that I clone myself 5 times. And those clones would probably be like me and drink too much of the wine that's supposed to be in the stew and start eating the raw mushrooms and I'd have no food left.

So just go with the version, okay? You won't regret it.

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