Saturday, November 13, 2010

Food Blog Friday: Everyday Chocolate Cake

Today's Food Blog Friday is from my favorite food blog - Smitten Kitchen. And the best part is - it's an adapted recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks, "At Home with Magnolia." This cookbook is written by the owner of Magnolia Bakery, in New York City. Made famous by Sex and the City, Magnolia has people waiting around the block for their cupcakes. My favorite is, of course, the Red Velvet. But today's recipe is a totally different beast.

Everyday Chocolate Cake is a one-pot adaptation of the cake from the Magnolia cookbook. Deb also does a great job of explaining what you need to do if you're using Dutch-process cocoa or regular old Hershey's cocoa powder (That's me!).

It's a really delicious, moist cake and for a chocolate lover like me to say that I actually enjoyed a cake that wasn't smothered in chocolate frosting or erupting with molten chocolate ganache, that's saying something!

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