Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Yumminess.

Easter, like every holiday, for me is all about food. And not so much about religion. No offense to the big guy upstairs. In fact, I often feel like cooking is a time of meditation and reflection for me. I work a lot of stuff out pounding veal scallopine or kneading dough. And there's something so calming about prepping vegetables, about mise en place.

This Easter we are going to my parents house. My mom and I are cooking leg of lamb, right from the Joy of Cooking. Do you have the Joy of Cooking? It's an absolute bible. There is no recipe too simple for it to teach you. Seriously, Irma Rombauer taught me how to make mashed potatoes. We're going to roas some potatoes along with it, and sautee some green beans. Doesn't that sound so wholesome and Eastery?

Since Easter is all about dessert and not everyone is quite as chocolate focused as I am, I thought I'd make this recipe I found on Fine Cooking's website: Lemon Ice Box Pie. I hope it's as delicious as it looks. I already realize that I made a mistake in not pushing the crust up the sides, but I'm sure it'll turn out tangy and delicious. Besides, I have yet to encounter a problem that Chantilly Cream can't fix.

*Update: after allowing it to cool and re-reading the part about not letting the saran wrap touch the top I used the world's worst saran wrap and it touched the top. Ugh. Oh well, see above comment re: Chantilly Cream.

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