Wednesday, July 7, 2010

gray, gray or gray?

Maybe it's all the rain we've been having, but I'm all about gray. Not in mood, but in paint color. I have spent the last two days running all over town trying to find the perfect shade of gray for our bedroom. After many, many (MANY!) swatches and samples and 2 oz jars slathered over our wall, it was time to pick one or be committed to an insane asylum. And to that question I say - Benjamin Moore Paper White OC-55. I always end up going with Benjamin Moore. They just have the most amazing selection. I also tend to gravitate towards the colors in their historical collection. The best thing I did was pick a color that was much lighter than what I would have thought. It practically looks white on the card, but once I got it on my wall, it is a smooth, warm dove gray. Yum.

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